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I’ve got GREAT news to share today man:

It’s back.

The 30-day basketball explosiveness transformation
course that’s CHANGED LIVES in just a few short weeks,
The Explosion Academy, is coming back and will be re-opening
for the Winter Semester in just 3 days..

And apparently this announcement is coming just in time,
as #Grindtime Nation has been asking repeatedly WHEN is it
going to be back…well guys,the answer is just 3 days from today.

==> http://www.ExplosionAcademy.com/Explosion

And if you’re wondering right now whether
The Explosion Academy is right for you,
I want to tell you who it’s NOT for first: Continue reading “Explosion Academy: want more Basketball Explosiveness?” »


Newest article from Coach Alex:
Current Rating: 8.9/10

Got a special surprise for you today:

I’ve been having my team post
some short videos on YouTube recently,
and this one might be my favorite so far..

It’s a move I was forced to learn
when I was younger, and ALWAYS
slower than my defender..

But with it, I was still able to get by
and penetrate past those faster, stronger defenders.

Want the same secret sauce? :-) Continue reading “Basketball Drills: The Steve Nash Spin Move (youtube video)” »


Sure, it’s now November…no one’s tired or “overtrained” yet.
But come January when everyone’s hitting the wall,
don’t you want to be the exception? The one who feels GREAT..
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This is why top players stay at the top:

One of my top students, Modestas Masiulionis
a JC college basketball player from Chicago,
recently was thinking about trying
“In-Season Domination”..

Recognizing how much he and I both knew/know
it’s going to help him this season and in every one
in the future, he decided to go for it and try it.

He told me, “Can’t wait to get started.
Sounds LEGIT as hell bro!”.

A day later, he did. Continue reading “Get BETTER In 3 DAYS (In-Season Domination Success Story)” »

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